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We've been producing videos for a while now for various industries including website owners and organizations that host events. These events might be an awards ceremony that requires a custom video introduction similar to the ones you see at the Junos. 
It can be a lot of work and it takes more time to do the detailed work of adding music in the right places and additional photos.
Guy Monague has been a producer of short videos and knows that any business persons does not have the extra time to mess around with video production.
Over the years, he has searched for the right software and right animation tools to simplify video production.
Paul Ponna has offered some great products, and most softwares end up using the standard engines for Text-To-Speech and Lip Syncing. Pauls animation software was great and I have used for over 4 years now.
Just recently, a developer named Oliver Goodwin came along and took this up a notch by creating Human Like voices from real humans, and this was last year.
This year, he added human like characters from real humans and the best synchronized lip syncing in the industry, I was blown away.
There is a lot more to this software, so you should check it now. The upgrades are unbelievable and you can get yourself cloned and be one the spokespersons, wouldn't that be awesome. 


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Why You Would Listen To Our Recommendations

Based on my personal experience, everyone wished that Video Production and Marketing could be easier without spending a whole lot of time producing and tweaking videos until the early morning hours.
That's what I am used to doing to meet a deadline for a client, I work for hours to piece it together on the timeline of my software, listen to it over and over until it's close to perfect then it may takes hours to render it before i can produce a version to upload to Youtube.
It takes a few days, sometimes a whole week, what business person has time to this?
Now, I wish I had this software ten years ago, you will be impressed once you see what you can do with it, as a matter of fact, it may go to your head and you start giving yourself some fancy title..Mr. Spielberg.

You Can Make Videos Yourself

Guy Monague- Video Producer for short videos 

The longest video I ever produced was a whole 12 Minutes Long! 

Websites & SEO

I will help you to get your website to the first of page of google and show you how to register your Google My Business.
Google My Business is free and it will help in your rankings and have new customers find you in your town.
If you need a new website, or a custom website to expand your territory, I can help you with that.
You have as many websites as you want for various purposes, you can have your main website, but you want one for expanding your territory and start targeting all the smaller towns in your area, I can help you that. 

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is very important for your business, you want a video on your website as a basic introduction of yourself and your services.
You also need additional videos on your Youtube Channel, you can than link these videos to your other social channels such as Facebook and feature them on your Google My Business Page.
We are only talking about short, precise videos that are no longer than 1 minute, even shorter if you just want to capture someones attention on a promotion or a new product you are releasing.
I will work with you to develop your script and get your ideas on your production. 

Social Channels

What you do with social channels is really important, you just need it to engage with potential customers and show your current customers that you are out there and active on the main channels.
Find out what channels your customers are using.
If you have heard of reputation management, social channels are your gateway to reputation management, download my free copy of 7 Steps To Get Your Customers Back.  I will show you how to set-up some of the main channels to use and develop your online reputation.

Want a custom marketing video?

I can do a simple 1 minute video you can use on your facebook page or google my business page

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